Monday, March 1, 2010

English Experiences: Part 1 - York

So i've now been in the UK for 1 full month, which makes it an appropriate time to start writing my grossly overdue blog posts.

Instead of being about the experiences i've had for the entire month, i'd like to dedicate this post to my wonderful hosts Parasputin and ElusiveR and their wonderful kids, Abdul-Hamid and Shoaib.

So I went to York yesterday; on my way to Scarborough .. I messed up the train times, and Asif very generously offered to pick me up from York. Whilst I was waiting for him I took a walk around York; it's a really pretty city.
For example this is a photo of the city walls which are almost 600 years old.

I also checked out the ridiculously gorgeous York Minster or Cathedral .. it's amazing MJ you've gotta check it out .. could easily be a stand-in for the Lord of the Rings
There was also this crazy dude .. dressed up like a Harry Potter character .. in bright purple on his bicycle!

I really really liked York, there was a little something for everyone .. even Nabila would have loved the Beatrix Potter shop

It's really the most charming little city

Asif picked me up after a little while and took me to his home town of Scarborough, well actually the little village of Ailsley (I think that's the spelling); I had Rabia's fantastic akhni .. 4 helpings later and my belly was pleading with me to stop!

We took the boys down to the Scarborough beach front to have ice-cream at this really cool retro ice-cream parlour. The waitresses wore those little yellow skirts twas crazy ..

(Check-out Rabia in the photo)

Then minor disaster struck and briefly threatened to ruin what had been a super great day for me, when I missed my train out of town .. Asif saved the day, my offering me a place for the night .. the result extra cuddle time with Abdul-Hamid, Yay!