Thursday, April 21, 2011

Holes in the heart

"There's a hole in the world tonight, don't let there be a hole in the world tomorrow"

That's how things feel right now .. desperately trying to keep it all together.

"There's a cloud of fear and sorrow" -> Can't be more spot on than this.

I think i'm stuck in an Eagles phase, would be nice to get out some time ...

So I haven't written in over 4 months; another year has past .. and I, I am older and perhaps wiser.
More cynical certainly.

There's some good news I suppose; i'm starting to gain more clarity on life .. at least the immediate professional future if nothing else.
Going to be in Abu Dhabi for the next 2 months at least; with a view towards making it a year long stay.
And then .. and then MBA .. and then .. who knows

Clarity, 2 months at a time I guess

And i've forgotten how to write, rusty I guess .. hopefully it's like riding a bike; not something you really forget, just that you need to practice once or twice.

So here's to clarity, and more writing, and a world without a hole