Sunday, May 1, 2011

Reflections on love

This started on one of the countless threads (oddly enough, they seem to have slowed down recently .. wonder where Ned is)

I think i'm starting to get a handle on this whole "love" thing.

Think i'm starting to understand what it means to be me ... think i'm starting to understand what makes me tick, what makes my heart pound.

And right now; i'm beginning to realise, much to Rash's horror .. that, that is all that matters.

Dewdrop was talking about "Criteria" and how they don't matter - and he's right .. As I've grown older, I've realised that none of the criterion matter.

Not sure who was blogging / linking to the posts about illiterate lovers, about lovers who write about lovers with passion; and none of it matters .. nothing matters except the ability to make your heart race. If that doesn't happen, nothing else does.

There are some non-negotiable criteria I guess .. for me at least .. it should be a she to begin with (I briefly toyed with the idea of making this negotiable then decided I wasn't that open minded). But that's about it.
A friend was telling me the other day, about how he fell in love with a Jewish girl. After some time, she converted; then it ended ... and she ended up marrying another muslim guy.
Which goes to show A - that the muslim girl criteria isn't really a good one .. and B - I don't know if I care anymore.
Why should it matter? If two people are compatible, can agree on a method, on a system for running their lives and that of their family; what does it matter? Didn't the prophet marry both Christian and Jewish wives; and they remained Christian and Jewish.

I guess, what i'm trying to say is: "If your heart skips a beat at the sight of him / her then that's it .. Khalaas .. It won't matter if the person is black, pink or green if they're 5 foot tall or 7 .. Because somewhere inside of you; some part of you know. And when you're wondering about criteria and having doubts and second thoughts somewhere inside of you will still know"

And you'll catch site of him/her or see a photo or even just think of the person and all those 2nd thoughts will be whisked away like they don't exist .. Because when your heart skips a beat, the mind is just an innocent bystander watching as the express train of your heart goes by.

Till another time and another place, here's hoping I catch an express train sooner rather than later :-)