Wednesday, October 26, 2011

MBA anxiety

So i'm getting better. The bouts of sadness seem to have disappeared and life is generally sunny. Not totally sunshine and happiness to be clear but certainly things are improving at a healthy pace.

From where I was a few months ago to today, the path i've walked seems to have been both long and circuitous. But, now i'm fortunate enough to stand on a comfortable look-out point and from this vantage point, survey everything that has come to pass.

Today's a good day to be doing this, this little bit of self-reflection; mainly because I desperately need to take my mind off of the impending sense of doom that comes with the opening of the MBA interview invitation stage. Today is the first day for Harvard interview notifications, today and the next two Wednesdays. So i suppose I shouldn't really be as nervous as I am. But, it very much feels like "today, or bust" - because the majority of invites will go out today. I'll know for sure by the 9th of November; but I think if nothing comes through today, i'm going to start putting together the list of my second round application schools and a new application calendar.

I'm just nervous I guess, more so than I've been in a very long time. I think it would actually be more helpful for me (unlike most people) if I didn't know the dates, just knew that they were going to let you know by the 10th of Nov latest; because then it would have come as a pleasant surprise if I was contacted early.

So, anyways; back to my vantage point ... things seem to be going well -> Work, family, friends ... most everything seems to be ticking along smoothly .. Let's just hope that it lasts and isn't some kind of calm before the storm.

Till next time (probably next Wed) :-)

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