Thursday, October 27, 2011

Post-Wednesday blues

So, today's the day after Wednesday ..
The day after, "today, or bust"

And frankly, I feel a little blue; but not in a crazy unmanageable way.
I'm irked that I didn't get an email .. 'cos I think my application is good enough; and I deserve to get in. But we'll see ... and there's still next week Wed and the following Wed before I know for sure.
And as my friend Maria (who got her invite yesterday) said, there's a reasonably chance that they review applications in a non-prioritised way and thus a good chance that they just haven't looked at my application yet.

So not down and out yet .. not by a long shot ... but at least one of the three applications kinda needs to come through ... 'cos that would just be horrendous

Anyways .. i'm bunkered down at work today ... wondering when the ANCYL marchers will come strolling by ... sooner would be better than later .. I kinda need a distraction today :-)

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Aloha Ivan said...

Hi. I have same problem as you. I did not get my invitation on the past two Wednesdays. Anyway, I wonder when did you friend Maria submitted the application? cuz I know they are reviewing materials on the rolling order. I sent my application right before the deadline.